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A Twin Boiler Steam Plant

Kindly Submitted some time ago by the late Dave Hyatt from West Sussex, UK

Here is a small description of my latest display:

Gas fired, two boilers, two mill engines, dynamo, 6volt miniature water pump, miniature vertical mechanical ornamental water pump, and a weir pump feeding both of the boilers.

The horizontal & vertical boilers have their steam outlets linked together via a steam manifold.

Each boiler has a Stuart Turner hand pump plus a weir pump feeding both the boilers.

One of the Mill engines (scratch built) has Stephenson's reverse and an axle feed pump, plus a mechanical lubricator.

The axle feed pump is being used to keep the small water reservoir topped up from the larger one.

The mechanical lubricator has it's outlet direct into the steam manifold so it lubricates both the mill engines and the weir pump.

The other is a Stuart Turner S50 Mill engine. This is being used to run the Stuart Turner dynamo (1980 era) which in turn is powering a miniature 6volt water pump which is pumping water onto a novelty aquatic water wheel. The S50 is also powering an ornamental mechanical vertical model water pump.

The exhaust from the mill engines & weir pump pass through a Mainsteam Condenser oil trap (these condensers separate the oil from the steam exhaust and keeps the final exhaust clean, far far better than having oily exhaust sprayed everywhere, or if steam plant in boat they are essential to stop polluting the water.) and the exhaust is then being fed into the chimney of the vertical boiler.

I fitted a small manifold to the condenser to accept the three exhausts. If I just get the water flow adjusted correctly on the two globe valves from the weir pump outlet then the weir pump keeps both boilers topped up without further adjusting.

The miniature 6-volt water pump is located inside an old ice cream tub with the water recycling after dropping on and turning the water wheel. There is a lot crammed in to this small display, I find it very enjoyable getting everything just working right so you can sit back and watch, and just top up the gas as and when required. There are still a few alterations / adjustments I need to make on this display but this video was of it's maiden run.

I have listed a couple of companies I purchased some of the items from for this display. I have no connection with either of these companies, only as a very satisfied customer. Condenser Oil Trap plus quite a few accessories purchased from Keith Appleton of Mainsteam Models.

Boilers and Gas tanks purchased from Mike Abbott of Maccsteam Ltd. Video link:

I hope you have enjoyed this read and the video link.


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