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My Workshop

My hobby for many years has been building & running miniature coal fired steam locomotives in 71/4 inch gauge.

Although never trained as a metal worker, I just picked it up by reducing loads of metal to scrap

Steam Chat

Topics, articles & personal experiences with miniature steam - good or not so good,

are very welcome from anyone who would like to contribute.


Hammond Organs 

The story starts around 1968 when I was 15 years old and I first saw "The Nice", who became "Emerson, Lake & Palmer" later on.

A necessary step I suppose for Keith Emerson's musical developement, but I liked the feel of Lee Jackson's bass playing in the "Nice" days...


Land Rovers

The Range Rover axle sets are designed to be in 4 wheel drive all the time. This is fine if the hybrid is going to have a big powerful engine and a modern gearbox with a centre differential gear, but for my humble hybrid, this is not good.

At best, I will be dragging a dead axle all the time on the road.


Model Aircraft

I have always had a fascination for small mechanical things that fly in the air, From the age of about 10 when I first built a rubber powered model aeroplane, then on to control line & now, the present day with sophisticated computer radio control, the hobby still holds my interest.

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