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Steam Launch #1
Steam Launch #2
Steam Launch #3
Action Man at the Helm
A Stuart SV4 Boiler
A Side View of the Launch
A view from above shows the Gearbox
A Launch without the Steam Plant
This is the Bow Water Tank filler
Top view showing the Steam Plant
A shot of the Canopy from above
A single cylinder Stuart No 10 plant
A Closeup of the Radio Hatch
The Servo bay underneath the Hatch
Closeup of a Displacement Lubricator
Action man holding on to the Tiller
Another Stuart Models SV4 Boiler
A nice top view showing the layout
Stuart SV4 boiler and Condenser
The Reeves "Borderer" Steam Engine
Front View of the Stuart SV4 Boiler
Side view of the Launch
The Reeves "Borderer" after steaming
Stuart Models Number 10V Plant
Stuart Models No10V in the launch
A view of the Bow water tank
Action Man relaxing before a run
Stuart Number 10 with a Condenser
Another view of the Number 10 Plant
A small Coal Fired Steam Plant
A different view of the small Plant
The Coal Fired Plant
The Steam Pump & Condenser
A piping extravaganza - !
The boiler up close & personal
Even the Stern looks good . . .
A Stuart Twin Launch Steam Plant
Cheddar Models powered Steam Boat
Top view of the Cheddar powered Boat
A Stuart Double 10V Steam Launch
A modified Steam Launch with extras
The Sailor looked good in this boat
The Stern view of the Sailor
A Coal Fired Steam Launch Plant
The top view of the Coal Fired Plant
Condenser, Steam Pump & Steam Engine
Side view of this Coal Fired Plant
On the Water
Steaming on a Summer afternoon
Full Steam Ahead
My Coal Fired Traction Engine
This is a "Royal Chester" Engine
A front closeup of the Engine
The crankshaft driven water pump
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A single cylinder Stuart No 10 plant

All my boats use a one piece removable Steam Plant as I find it much easier for cleaning & maintenance if the steam plant is removable in one piece. On this photograph, all the components can clearly be seen, including the crankshaft driven boiler feed pump, the exhaust condenser/oil trap, the Stuart Turner SV4 vertical boiler & the commercial gas canister mounting complete with the gas canister itself. The canister in the photograph is simply painted black as it looks better in the boat.